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Cronologic Inc. was founded in 2001 to solve a pervasive human business problem: People hate filling out timesheets.

The Timesheet Problem.

As a Project Manager in high-tech, Cronologic's founder understood the difficulty and costs associated with tracking time (even with very technical people), and knew all too well that the resulting data was nearly always inaccurate.

Timesheet hatred leads to Inaccurate data and wasted time.
Inaccurate data leads to poor control, bad decisions, and more wasted time.
Poor control and bad decisions contribute to wasted money, unhappy employees, and even dissatisfied customers.

He knew that by improving the quality of the data while making data capture less of a chore, the benefits could be astounding, even opening the door to businesses who aren't forced to use timesheets today, but still want to track efficiency and costs accurately.

We Focus Exclusively on Solving it.

Because we understand the costly implications of "timesheet hatred", and firmly believe that by providing simple yet powerful tools, we eliminate the pain caused by timesheets.

We firmly believe that by doing so, we can make a meaningful impact to the way people work.

Businesses can have detailed and accurate data to make better decisions and plan better.
Employees will be empowered to manage their own time efficiently. Without the burden of what has been called "the absolute worst part of my job".


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