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Our Expertise

We choose to do one thing better than anyone else: Track Time.

There are plenty of options for timesheet systems, but all require "data entry" in the form of typing numbers into a grid, or filling out some form of real or virtual "time entry".

We wanted something easier. More effective.

Your Problem

You need to know where your time goes. Your situation requires you to fill out timesheets, or you just need to see where all your valuable time goes.

You can learn a lot about what takes up your time, and the adjustments you make can make you better at what you do. But the way people do timesheets today is flawed. They aren't easy enough to use so they don't work: the time data just isn't accurate. It's a waste of time in itself.

Our Solution

Handy software that is as easy to use as a notepad next to your desk, only much smarter. It eases the pain of doing timesheets and helps you manage your own time better. It plugs numbers into other timesheet programs so you don't have to.

It works alongside you while you work so you capture what you're doing in-the-moment, making it completely effortless and very very accurate.

Visualizing / Reporting

When was the last time you really thought about where your time goes? Our reports are crisp, detailed accounts of everything you did today, this week, last week, this year.

You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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