Press Release  

CALGARY, Alberta—December 14, 2009—Cronologic Inc is proud today to announce the release of its iPhone App, TimeLines.

As of today, TimeLines 1.0 is available on the App Store in countries around the world.

Cronologic TimeLines is an iPhone App that makes time capture as simple as possible. Designed for lawyers, consultants, and other professionals with a need to bill their time, TimeLines is so simple that it also appeals to people who want track their time for other reasons, like improving their own time management.

TimeLines was designed to be the easiest way to track time on a mobile device and has a unique patent-pending user interface.

TimeLines is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It sells for $4.99 on the App Store, an introductory price.

Cronologic Inc is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and at, and focuses on eliminating the pain of doing timesheets.



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